Tahiti to Raratonga, Cook Islands

Leg 9

*** This voyage was cancelled due to COVID-19. For more information, please visit here ***

Tahiti, in the Society Islands archipelago is the largest island in French Polynesia. Tahiti is formed of two extinct volcanoes and has a rich and diverse cultural heritage. Before we set sail, we will collaborate with a local organisation to look at the plastic pollution issues the island faces in more depth, allowing us to fully immerse in the issue from the very start. As we set sail we will pass through the tranquil lagoon which is rich in marine life and beyond the reef into the open ocean where we could be lucky enough to see a pod or two of Spinner Dolphins, that are year-round residents of these waters. 

We will spend just over a week on board, sailing 600 nautical miles to the main Cook Island, Raratonga. Skirting the edge of the South Pacific Gyre we will spend just under 5 days at sea where we will be able to carry out our scientific research, including our surface manta trawls and processing of ocean surface microplastic samples. Rarotonga will provide another amazing vista as we near land.  Fringed by a lagoon, it is famed for its underwater life and so is a popular scuba diving and snorkelling destination. We will step ashore to tell our tale and fulfill our mission of ‘making the unseen seen’. 

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Leg Itinerary

  • Day 1: Leg 9 guest crew arrive.
    Papette, Tahiti
  • EVENT – Waste survey and clean-up.
    Papette, Tahiti
  • Day 2: Planned departure towards Rarotonga, Cook Islands.
    Papette, Tahiti
  • Sailing, science, talks and adventures at sea!
  • Day 7: Planned arrival into Rarotonga, Cook Islands.
    Rarotonga, Cook Islands
  • EVENT: Outreach Talk - Stories of science, sailing and solutions!
    Rarotonga, Cook Islands
  • Day 8: Leg 9 guest crew depart.
    Rarotonga, Cook Islands