Our Mission

There’s no silver bullet solution to the ocean plastic crisis. 

eXXpedition – led by ocean advocate and skipper Emily Penn – was founded in 2014 to shift the way people feel, think and act by building a global network of multidisciplinary women who can contribute to world-class scientific studies, explore solutions, and use their unique skill sets to tackle the problem from all angles.


An immersive leadership experience

eXXpedition’s six-part Virtual Voyage include many of the best parts of our at-sea missions and on-shore workshops, giving crew an in-depth understanding of the true impact of the plastics issue, forge and deepen relationships within our eXXpedition global community, develop solutions-based thinking and result in a plan for how people  can apply their superpower to solve the problem.


During the scientific sailing expeditions, research is carried out at sea and on land to investigate the causes of and solutions to the plastics issue, working with industry to pinpoint solutions and policy at a global level by addressing knowledge-gaps and delivering evidence to inform effective solutions.


Diversity at sea and on land

A multidisciplinary, multinational approach to tackling ocean plastic is at the heart of eXXpedition. Every crew is diverse in background, age and experience during an eXXpedition voyage be it at sea or a virtual voyage on land. Participants have ranged in age from 18 to 72 and over 30 nationalities were represented in the first 8 voyage legs of our Round the World crew. We are passionate about using our voyages to showcase women in STEM, exploration and sailing. Our bursary places are designed to increase diversity and maximise our collective impact.


Find your role

During eXXpedition voyages, activities on board are carefully curated to take crew members on a transformative journey. The SHiFT methodology is designed to help people see the problem firsthand, understand the threats to the environment and to ourselves, explore different solutions, find their role in helping solve it and finally, take action – inspiring others to follow.

But for lasting impact we need scale, so the SHiFT Platform was created to invite people and businesses to navigate hundreds of solutions to tackle plastic pollution, finding the one that is right for them.